Add Sturdy New Pipes to Your Property

Hire us for whole-home or partial repiping services in Vacaville & Dixon, CA

If you need to replace the pipes throughout your Vacaville & Dixon, CA property, Shields Plumbing is happy to help you out. We offer whole-home and partial repiping services. Whether you need new water lines or sewer lines, we can replace anything you need us to replace.

Want to know how much your whole-home or partial repiping services will cost? Call 707-205-5844 today to get a free estimate.

When is it time to call us for repiping services?

We can provide you with partial or whole-home repiping services in any situation. For example, many of our customers call us when they have:

  • Outdated plumbing
  • Burst pipes
  • Rusted pipes
No matter the situation, you can trust our partial and whole-home repiping team to handle the job right and give you new plumbing that you can rely on.